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Michael Myers,
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Michael Myers

Michael Myers

MICHAEL GREGORY MYERS - is a Sonoma County based green builder with a license in General Construction. He has been involved on and off in the trades for 20 years. However, his first career was in the Performing Arts. In his last year in high school, Michael became interested in dance and moved to New York from his home in Boston to pursue a career in classical dance. After three years of training in New York, Michael began a 17-year professional dance career that enabled him to travel extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. He danced with various ballet companies including the Houston Ballet, Oakland Ballet, San Francisco Lines Contemporary Ballet Company, and then went on to perform with various modern dance choreographers.


During his years as a dancer he continued to work in construction during the off-seasons. He enjoyed the contrast of the transient beauty of dance and the tangible reality of carpentry. Michael attended night school at various community colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area as he searched for a transition from dance to another career. Eventually, he transferred to University of California in Santa Barbara and received a degree in Environmental Studies.

After graduating, Michael decided to combine his skills in the construction trades with his interest in the environment and he started a green building company. Although Michael's main expertise is in finish carpentry, he is also experienced in all forms of construction 

including foundation work, seismic retrofitting, rough framing, tile-setting, decks, stair building, and cabinetry. As a green builder, he has worked with bamboo, recycled glass, composite wood, low VOC sealers, paints, and tries to utilize FSC certified wood and encourages recycling. Michael not only has extensive experience in residential construction, but in renovations for dance studios, as well. Michael has renovated an art gallery for Livingreen in Santa Barbara, and built a 2500 square foot floating dance floor for the San Francisco dance company, Counterpulse.

Michael has continued his studies of green innovations by attending various Build it Green workshops and various other seminars. He has studied straw bale building and continues to investigate ways to cut waste and reduce consumption in construction. He is always on the lookout for the like-minded trades people, architects, and realtors to combine talents and provide affordable green alternatives for people interested in building a healthy environment.

Michael Meyers work is exceptional. Not only is he a superb craftsman, but he is reliable, artistic and very easy to communicate with. Every job he has done over the last 8 years has been perfect and done to my complete satisfaction.
— Krissy Keefer