Our goal as natural builders is to build creative, well constructed, low maintenance, energy efficient structures that will be healthy for its occupants and will use resources wisely.

Our whole systems approach to conscientious building analyzes the home from the infrastructure of landscaping and drainage to the structure’s thermal envelope. The building structure, including heating and cooling systems—is evaluated and designed for both efficiency and aesthetics.

Conscientious building does not need to mean higher costs. In many areas, green building practices actually lower overall expense. Lower energy bills, water bills, and reduced maintenance expenses all factor in to make green building economical. In addition, the use of local materials and the reduction of waste products can also reduce cost. From the foundation up, care in construction will add comfort, efficiency, and value to the house.

MICHAEL'S TRUCK - Using 100% recycled vegetable oil has several benefits:

  • It pollutes 2/3 less than burning conventional diesel
  • It is a waste product so it saves the oil from entering the waste stream
  • It reduces dependance on fossil fuels

Overall Michael's truck fits the green philosophy of using local materials, recycling, reusing, and polluting less.