Past Projects


Cabinets, Furniture, Decks

Mike Myers worked as our contractor for several months in the summer and fall of 2007. He remodeled a small one bedroom house by adding a full kitchen, new floor, tiling several areas (including shower, floors, wall and steps), moving walls, installing basic electrical, installing a gas fireplace, dry walling and painting interior and exterior, enlarging a deck, as well as reproofing the entire structure. In addition, he built stairs, put up an 85 feet long wood retaining wall, enlarged a hillside container garden area and did numerous other construction projects to get our newly purchased house in top shape, both structurally and visually.

Mike’s work is first quality. His knowledge of construction and green building is solid and his workmanship is excellent. His work is often beyond code and his attention to detail was perfect for a detail person like myself. In addition, Mike continually notices the aesthetics of a project, whether it is softening the edge of something or lining up bolts to please the eye. His experience in the trade is obvious and as is his enthusiasm for it. He finished absolutely everything before leaving the job. The end result of his work is wonderful. Everyone who sees it, loves it and is impressed that we had a single contractor, Mike, do nearly everything. I have no hesitation recommending his workmanship. The work he did was the quality we had hoped for and with him received.

Beyond that and equally, if not more important, is Mike’s personality and way of doing business. He listens to his client and keeps his goal of making sure they are happy with the result of his work. When something done as requested turned out not to be exactly what we expected or wanted, Mike consistently worked with us to get it right, even if it meant re-doing it. Mike is steady and easy going. He is intelligent and aware of the bigger picture of things. He communicates well and understands clearly what is being communicated to him. He shares his ideas and knowledge of products and resources, and respects what choices, within that, the client makes. He keeps excellent records and bills in a clear and fair manner. He is reliable, showing up steadily and on time and working hard. In a sentence, Mike is a great guy who knows his stuff.

It can be difficult, worrisome and time consuming to find a contractor for a smaller project such is ours. Yet who you hire is critical to the success of the project and also to your experience of it. There are many single contractors available, but knowing who will get the job done fairly and well is often the problem. You can trust that Mike is such a builder. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others for their similar projects. We feel very fortunate to have had Mike available to do our projects and would use him again without hesitation for any projects in the future.
— Laurie Fusfield